Baghdadi slaughtered in assault by US powers: Trump

WASHINGTON: American President Donald J. Trump affirmed on Sunday that Daesh supremo Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had been killed in an activity led by American powers.

"The main psychological oppressor on the planet has been murdered," said Trump in a video message. "He was executed by an activity led by the US powers. Baghdadi was in a dump."

The subtle head of Daesh was believed to be dead after a US military strike in the Idlib area, US media detailed at an opportune time Sunday.

The White House declared President Donald Trump would make a "significant explanation" on Sunday at 9:00 am (1300 GMT), without giving subtleties.

A war screen said US helicopters dropped powers in a zone of Idlib where "bunches connected to Daesh" were available.

Trump said that Baghdadi had slaughtered himself in a suicide bomb assault. He said that the blast likewise executed three of Baghdadi's youngsters.

Daesh head Baghdadi accepted dead after US strike in Syria

US media refered to various government sources as saying Baghdadi may have murdered himself with a suicide vest as US uncommon tasks powers plunged.

He was the objective of the subtly arranged activity that was affirmed by Trump, authorities said by US media.

The president of the US-sponsored Syrian Democratic Forces who have been battling IS in Syria said the activity came after "joint knowledge work" with American powers.

"A noteworthy activity is fruitful as a result of joint insight work with the United States of America," he said on Twitter not long after the news broke.

From the edges of Barisha, an occupant of a camp for the uprooted additionally heard helicopters pursued by what he depicted as alliance air strikes.