Who attacked Sheikh Rashid in London?

Who assaulted Sheik Rashid in London?

Awami Muslim League and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf pioneers have denounced the physical assault on Railway Minister Sheik Rasheed Ahmed by two Pakistan Peoples Party authorities in the UK.

Eggs were tossed at Sheik Rasheed Ahmed, who was leaving the lodging in the wake of going to an honors service in London, and the attackers fled the scene. In any case, on Wednesday, Asif Ali Khan was leader of the People's Party Youth Organization Europe and Samaj Naz general secretary. Previous Greater London Women's Wing has issued an announcement affirming that it was Sheik Rasheed who assaulted the Sheik Rashid on the grounds that he was utilizing Nazi language for PPP pioneer Bilawal Bhutto Zardari.Awami Muslim League president Salim Sheik affirmed that Sheik Rasheed did pass on the dissent in the wake of getting data about the assault, and said he would address Sheik Rasheed for a police argument against the assailants.

"We saw Asif Khan and a lady associated with the assault, yet they fled the scene and there is no video confirmation of their dishonorable demonstration, however now they have turned out and asserted the assault," said Sheik. The choice to document the case will be chosen after a discourse with Sheik Rasheed.

He said that Sheik Rasheed went to the open region close to the Earl Court Station for a stogie that all of a sudden two individuals assaulted his head and face. There were relatively few individuals on the sides and just a couple realized that we Going out of the side leave, which implies that the assault was concluded, we are paying attention to the issue.

He says that Asif Khan and Simha Naz have asserted that Sheik Rashid has been utilizing Nazi language against our administrator Bilal Bhutto Zardari during nonstop meets. That is the British method for managing legislators, they began it and we finished it.PTI London President Wahid-ur-Rehman stated, "I denounce the disgraceful demonstration of the underhanded men who guarantee to have a place with the ideological group, yet who are politically ignorant and moral."

Waheed-ur-Rehman said that by this demonstration he had maligned the whole Pakistani people group in the UK, this demonstration ought to be denounced by each concerned individual.

Sheik Rasheed, regardless of being in the UK, has been censured for not partaking in dissents against India in London and shopping with Anil Musarrat, however it was chosen in the wake of thinking about that he didn't visit or another contest emerged. Would have stood.

Saleem Shaikh affirmed that Sheik Rasheed dropped in the wake of getting knowledge reports that he had taken part in the dissent in London that he could be assaulted in a rally. They had a few assaults. We are going to make further move since viciousness is unsatisfactory to all individuals.