Experts developed efficient technology to take photos of baby heart in mother womb


London: College of Nandon, in the King's College suddenly heart failure in the pregnant woman MRI felt unstable, thought to be taking pictures & images of the child's heart was present in her mother;s womb, but this process was very difficult and typical because the mother's womb was too small, It was impossible to take heart care when the child is also changing his position again & again.

However experts got MRI machine and a powerful power third dimensions (3-D) computer for photographs and  snaps of the said child, the first two dimension (2-D) images were taken from different angles & positions, but they were not very prominent and famous but with the help of 3-D pictures were made out & experts succeeded to take those pictures of said child in her mother's womb, where experts doctors reached the stage of the disease.

In those pictures showed crystal clearly that there was a disorder in the blood supply of a 20-week baby - child's mother in the stomach when her heart had two (02) holes. The doctors and experts strengthened the muscles of the heart through the useful medicines and removed the illness of the brain before birth.

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